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JJF 4.0

So after suffering through the migration nightmare from the old vanilla forums to bbPress, I came to discover that bbPress basically sucks.  Just too damn slow for a large forum.  Really caught me by surprise because I researched it to death and there were people on...

Welcome to JJF 3.0

After much migration pain, Jiu Jitsu Forums has been moved to the WordPress platform.  With tens of thousands of plugins to choose from, this has given me the ability to greatly expand the functionality of this site.  Even more new functionality is planned going...

Latest Technique Videos

Paper Cutter Choke from Side Control

Luis “LC” Cabrera show how to set up the paper cutter choke from the side control position.

Baseball bat choke (With variation)

Probably my favourite choke, as often by the time you isolate the lapel it’s too late for your opponent to stop you without giving up a more direct submission!


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