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    Have recently started weights as well as BJJ

    44 years old train BJJ 4-5 times a week (2 stripe purple) and lift 2-3 times a week.

    have started to get to a respectable level (for me) in deads/bench/ shoulder press but as the weights have gone up I am friggen exhausted now when I roll – it has become noticeable in last fortnight.

    Have put on some muscle for sure but cardio has suffered and my BJJ has suffered

    heres my question – do I reduce the weights or just stop altogether- interested in people’s opinions and if anyone’s had a similar experience

    thanks in advance



    Can’t possibly answer correctly. More info needed.

    How much do you weight? What is your weight lifting program? How much do you lift? What are your short term goals? What are your long term goals? What are your bodyweight goals? What’s your diet like? Etc.



    “44 years old train BJJ 4-5 times a week (2 stripe purple) and lift 2-3 times a week.”

    At 44, damn… thats an awful lot.  Suspicion of over training is *HIGH*


    I would cut back for a bit and see how your energy is.





    BMA-Mat – started deadlifting/bench/shoulder press:

    Deadlifting was up to singles at 140KG, literally starting with 5 x 60k, 5 x 80kg 2 x 100kg then singles in 10kg increments. Didn’t feel too bad when doing this, but went back to 5×5 of deads – currently at 110kg 5×5 for deads as I was thinking that singles weren’t giving me enough “volume.”

    Perhaps this is where I’ve gone wrong ?

    Diet is good, I take supplements (all legal – mostly Onnit), at least 2 litres of water a day, 750 ml sports drink with creatine when training. Protein shake with banana and peanut butter immediately after training then a healthy meal (sushi/meat/fish/rice/vegetables about 45 minutes after training) – do drink alcohol but rarely and only 1 or 2 beers at most)

    Was hitting deads and bench same day – again bench 5×5 at 80kg

    Alternate workout I do military/shoulder press – 5×5 45kg and 5×5 overhead lunge 35kg.

    Bodyweight is 85KG – one of the reasons I started lifting again was I obviously felt stronger but maybe more importantly I felt more injury resistant when I used to lift. I don’t compete at BJJ so I’m not trying to reach 80kg but wouldn’t want to get to 90kg either.

    Long terms goals are without a doubt to get better at BJJ but I would like to maintain the current strength levels as I certainly don’t have the speed anymore!



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    Started  lifting recently you said.  How recent?. How long have you been doing weights 2 times a week in conjunction to bjj.


    Before that, what was your average training like? Only bjj? How many times a week? How long had you been doing that?


    At what point did you start feeling fatigue?.


    How’s your sleep? Same as before?



    Been doing weights in conjunction with BJJ for 5 months but started very light due to an existing lower back problem – found a great coach who has got me deadlifting again – as I mentioned just started to get to a respectable (for me) level again.

    Prior to this only BJJ 5 x a week – sleep pattern is good. Only recently started feeling tired – maybe last two weeks or so but it was at this point that I switched to 5 x5 rather than going for a heavy single – may be the exact cause as I’m obviously expending a whole lot more energy than before.

    Also I train BJJ at lunchtimes – usually 90 minutes 12-1.30  and I’m lifting at 5 on tues/Thurs and either Sat/Sun





    5×5 Deadlift are very taxing on the body… Although I don’t see much other posterior chain work, so wouldn’t say it’s too much.


    I think the most likely and kinda obvious answer to your fatigue is that you don’t have the work capacity to do as much as you’re doing and the increase in Deadlift volume was too much too fast.


    Work capacity can be increased, but it takes time.  I’d personally drop back down to singles, see how you feel in a week or two, and I’d you’re feeling good, slowly increase the work load back up.  Ideally get back to 5×5 in say another 5-6 months.  That way you give your body enough time to adapt to the higher work load.


    You’re doing a lot.  It’s definitely doable from a recovery point of view, issue is that you just are not ready for it.


    If you’re not feeling better after dropping back to singles for two weeks, consider upping your calories by maybe 100-200 calories.  It’s also possible you’re not eating enough for recovery (as you slowly get stronger, your workouts get heavier, so caloric needs go up).  If you’re eating identically to how you ate when you were Deadlifting 60k, this could be the issue too.



    Top man, thanks very much for the feedback – appreciate it.

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