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    Kyle Thennes

    I recently began training jits mid January. The gym I attend is owned and ran by a brown belt. I going in the mornings where I’m being trained by a purple belt. I like my instructors very much, I am considering going to a different gym though, that has black belt instructors. I was looking for other opinions on having instructors of a level lower  than black.



    I really think especially as a white belt training under a brown belt is fine.It really comes down to weather or not he is a good teacher because a purple or brown belt defiantly has enough knowledge to keep a beginner going for years .also if you are in it for the long haul it won’t be long until the brown is a black belt I would say if your only reason to change is because there are black belts at the other academy I would say in the scheme of things that doesn’t really matter.



    Switching because of that rank is a terrible idea.

    To anyone under purple, there is literally no difference between brown and black.

    He may also actually be black belt level already, depending on how long he has been brown, and the quality of his instructor.

    We have lots of brown belts that beat black belts at other schools. Hell, we have purple belts that have beaten black belts at other schools.


    Brown Belt is the final polish before black.   Seriously, dont even remotely consider switching schools if that is the only reason.



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    yep, I agree with the rest. If you leave just because of the color of his waist-bracelet it shows a serious problem with shallowness; Show some loyalty instead if the person is nice. Leave if they’re a bad teacher, or an ass-hat, not because they happen to have a certain flavor of belt.





    Agreed with all the above.  Any decent Purple Belt can teach any white belt a TON of jiu jitsu.

    Now what I cannot understand:

    In my town there are 4-5 of good schools run by legit BBs (two including mine 5th degrees).  I just found out there is a Gracie Garage being run by a bluebelt and he has a bunch of students.  I can understand in a remote place without legit schools this being the case but in a town full of high lvel BJJ it seems weird to me.  I ran into one of their whitebelts and was telling him how at any given class at my school we have a couple of black, a couple purples and maybe a brown…he seemed totally perplexed by this.




    Kyle Thennes

    Thank you for all your great opinions. I don’t think I’ll be leaving the gym.

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