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Never had fears

More confident, look a lot better, made tons of friends, found a life long hobby

Would have started sooner if I was old enough to drive sooner



1) Had pretty bad social anxiety earlier in life. Bjj really helped deal with that. Pretty nerve racking those first few years.

2)On average I am told I look younger than I am. Frequently get told I look 25 when I am 33. I attribute my health to my bjj. Look much better and although it took time I have developed an athletic body.

3) I’m not sure…I’ve been training a long time.

As to your brother, maybe just bring him with to a class and ask the instructor if he can watch.



I am 51…look at my picture.

Never had fear about martial arts in general or BJJ in particular

I have 2 whitebelts who started 6months back.
1. Was 107Kg and ins now 96kg (52yrs old)
2. Was  130Kg and is now 94Kg (25yr old)
I started at 37 wish I had started WAY younger, missed my athletic peak which is disappointing (though I was doing other sports).  At my age now some limitations are just going to be there…and to compete I pretty much have to do Pan Ams or Old man worlds to get matches in my bracket (age, weight, belt)


1) Didn’t have any fear re: jiu jitsu. Sure I remember being frustrated at not being able to absorb all the information and having to drill moves over and over and over before I even started to develop muscle memory, but that’s part of what kept me coming back!

2) It’s like my aging stopped/slowed way down. I am more flexible and stronger in more practical ways. It’s nice walking around knowing I can defend myself vs wondering if I can.
3) Nothing. I started as soon as I became aware of the existence of my school.

What was your biggest fear or frustration with starting BJJ?

It failing to make me healthy again.  BJJ was my last ditch effort to combat my debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome.  Getting out of bed each morning felt about as hard as running 3 miles to me.  Walking around the block would put into a near coma. I could barely work or live or do anything. My life was over as far as I was concerned.

What has been your biggest benefit from BJJ?

Made me healthier, stronger, and bought me enough time to figure out what was going on with my body,

What would have got you to start sooner?

Availability.  Did not exist in my state.  Started after moving to California.



I was a TRADITIONAL Martial art wanna be [email protected] I was horribly out of shape and convinced I would rise to the occasion. My biggest fear was being best up and looking like a clown.

BJJ taught me the value of hard work, confidence, and helped me see things for as they really are. I lost weight, I got in shape, and don’t feel afraid to be myself anymore.

Going to a class and not dismissing it without trying it would have gotten me to start sooner.

I also want to say that while I agree with you trying to help your brother, a public forum might not be the best place to put his laundry out.



1. Understanding that the techniques are FULL CONTACT. What that means changes with each level you aquire.

2. A sense of peace about my insequrities that can be aquired by making another person tap.
3. I don’t drive, unfortunately. I wish I knew how different jiujitsu is from Aikido.
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