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    I am just a beginner( a year into it but due to no formal teaching background, I still am. Learning the basics)  in Jiu Jitsu with no formal background. I am located in India so it’s very difficult to get the real concepts and have them clear.

    I am trying to learn the butterfly guard from a few dvds one especially by Stephen kesting. I am trying to learn the basic butterfly guard sweep.  I tried it for two days in class on a lighter opponent and it turned out to be great. Today I tried it on a newcomer who was all muscled up and around 210 pounds, I failed massively. I was just drilling on him, I got the under over hooks, moved to one side then tried to lie on the floor simultaneously sweeping him. I don’t know whether it was his strong base or something but my leg wasn’t able to displace his body off the ground.

    Can anyone out here help me with some basics about the butterfly guard. How should the hooks go and how much strength does one require when sweeping.

    I myself am a 190 pound fellow but I lack muscular strength. Is it because of that?


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    Effective butterfly guard is all about the hips. There are many variations to sweeps and a couple of submissions. Most of them require you to “scoop” your hips in and below your opponent. Im a fan of marcelo garcia’s videos on this subject i recommend looking at those.



    Butterfly guard is a complicated position. One option is combining the armdrag with the half butterfly sweep. They pull their arm back and you sweep.



    I’ve been having a lot of luck using buttery combined with Cross choke recently. If they grip my legs and try to pass, I climb into the collar with my grips, and if they try to block the choke, I’m able to push them out or scoot under with the butterfly hooks. Against people who are bigger and refuse to tip, I’ve had luck pushing them out, then pulling them in for an ‘almost balloon sweep’ into Xguard. No reason to fight someone tooth and nail whose buff and outweighs you by 20 lbs when you can zig instead of zag 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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