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Circuit training for bjj

Do you guys think circuit training is good for bjj.Taking say six or seven compound moves and doing the back to back a minutes each with no rest and doing mutiple rounds I have recently started doing this before I did the same thing but in intervals so 40/ secs on 20 secs rest but I feel like increasing my max output for a whole match length is better I could be going through a phase but I wondered what people thought about this change.


  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Depends on what your goals are... If you are focused on competing against people in your weightclass, by all means do circuit training to help yourself win. Against people twice your size circuit trianing may hurt more than help because your opponents will no longer take you lightly and will use their full strength on you. For myself I know that I'm not lacking in the strength department when I slap on submissions on less trained individuals who happen to be bigger and stronger...
  • jthomas1600jthomas1600 Posts: 555
    This has always been my first choice for supplemental training. For a long time I worked on ships in the offshore oil field on a 14/14 day rotation. So 14 days on the jiu jitsu. I got myself a few mats for my state room and would set a timer on my laptop for 5 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period. I would constantly change up the exercises, the order, number of reps etc. The exercises for me consisted of shrimping in placing, bridging, sit up (like your're sitting up for a kimura), push ups, jumping jacks, wrestler sit outs, etc. etc. 
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Yes, and sometimes I do that with my daughter/girlfriend. Just don't worry about your privacy and everything will be O.K.
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