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Running and bjj

How use full do you guys think running is for bjj?


  • Tyharris14Tyharris14 Posts: 3,418
    Very very minimally
  • gjj4lifegjj4life Posts: 303
    Not much.
  • jackjitsujackjitsu Posts: 19,353
    Hill sprints = explosive cardio.  But regular running... MEH
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    I don't run but I often wallk a couple miles a day... 
  • jthomas1600jthomas1600 Posts: 555
    While running doesn't seem to be high on anybody's list of supplemental training methods for jiu jitsu practitioners there are a couple of benefits that some people may find. 

    1. It will help to develop your cardiovascular system in general. No, it's not the same type of cardio required for jiu jitsu, but especially if you've allowed yourself to get way out of shape -- any positive development of your cardio system is a good thing. 

    2. It can help you learn to listen to your body and regulate your output. In theory, if you can run a mile, you can run three... but most people run to fast, slow down, speed up.... get stressed -- run out of gas. That's kind of the same reason most newer jiu jitsu practitioners struggle with a couple of back to back 5 minute rounds. Running can help with pacing yourself and controlling your breathing.

    3. If you have never ran more than a mile and the last time you did it was in jr high or high school gym class you probably think running 5K is impossible. So taking a couch to 5K challenge can be a tremendous confidence boost. You can prove to yourself that that you can accomplish difficult things. Jiu jitsu is all about accomplishing difficult things. 

    4. If you find that you enjoy running (I don't know why...but some people do) it will give you another option for training when you can't get on the mats.

    Just some thoughts. 
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  • Tyharris14Tyharris14 Posts: 3,418
    Running is a mediocre form of cardio regardless, better off swimming or biking if that's what you're looking for. I ran track in high school and used to be big into it, but it wrecks my knees
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    You HAVE to go surfing, otherwise there is no way you are legit! Also check out how cool I look in my swimsuit.
  • chucksmanhoodchucksmanhood Posts: 251
    Really terrible replies in this thread.  Running is an excellent form of cardio. 
    Thanked by 1christiancastleman
  • Running can help, lifting can help, swimming can help, doing crossfit/p90x whatever can help.

    Nothing prepares you for BJJ like BJJ but most other exercises CAN help your overall physical conditioning and strength both of which WILL make you better at BJJ than if you did not do these things. (Being in good shape, having good cardio, being strong is better than not)
  • jackjitsujackjitsu Posts: 19,353
    Remember the guy a few years ago that just did a shit ton of BURPEES before he competed at white/blue belt? and smashed his competition to pieces with superior cardio?

    Yeah.... DO BURPEES :D

  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Any type of excercise can be an overkill.
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