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My Club burned down!!!

Had an awesome Ju Jitsu last night . Woke up this morning to a text from our coach that the gym that houses our club had a fire last night. He's trying to find a temporary location and have classes up and running by tomorrow. Suuuuper gutted :((


  • jackjitsujackjitsu Posts: 19,353
    Holy crap... I thought this was another troll post at first. 
    DAMN... so sorry  :(

  • JoyJoy Posts: 478
    No unfortunatly it's not.
  • bma_matbma_mat Posts: 11,964
    Thought was troll post as well... That's insane. Hope it gets resolved
  • Tyharris14Tyharris14 Posts: 3,418
    :( that sucks
  • JoyJoy Posts: 478
    So it looks like we are going to have to find alternate places to roll as the smoke damage and repair is going to take several months to Reno
  • chucksmanhoodchucksmanhood Posts: 251
    My guess is it burned down because the instructor there is too damn hot.
    Thanked by 1Joy
  • halfguardianhalfguardian Posts: 776
    Yep completely agree. While the page was loading I was thinking:
    "I was on fire during graded and got my blue belt"
    "Just kidding, guess who's been promoted!"
    "My belt burned so bad it turned black!"
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido, wore a double whitebelt. It's a symbol of purity of intentions. I wanted to make it to black belt without hurting anyone, but damn, it was just too much for me. So I don't know.
  • JoyJoy Posts: 478
    Update. We found a temporary location! Only one day of classes missed ;;)
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Whatever you want from the position you are already familiar with. :lol:
  • stevebuyshousesstevebuyshouses Posts: 5,738
    If a bear s#@%* in the woods does the tree still smell it?

    Random posts?
    rediska said:

    Whatever you want from the position you are already familiar with. :lol:

  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    edited March 9
    You are the one being random.

    "If a bear s#@%* in the woods does the tree still smell it?"

    The tree would need a sense of scent.
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Damn I feel stupid for not recognizing you. Excuse the double post everyone, but this has got to be addressed.
    Medo-san, if you were to put me into Kesa Gatame, so long as you don't try to break my ribs, I'd relax and close my eyes so I can fall asleep. Does that make it clear how I feel about you? If my lungs don't have air, I'll just have to pass out. 
  • regaldeagleregaldeagle Posts: 290 Rediska is hijacking Joy's serious thread about her gym's misfortune to post nonsense and off topic autistic ramakings. Can we get rid him now please?
    Thanked by 1christiancastleman
  • takethebacktaketheback Posts: 50
    Agreed. A little TOO much trolling lately
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    edited March 10
    So somebody is trying to take advantage of Joy's misfortune to give himself quite the advanageous thing.

    Okay, I'm being slow again. It's not my fault; this is the Internet, I don't see your guys's faces. Richard-san, I like you too. Hopefully I can keep getting your advice on judo.:lol:
    Where are you located? Perhaps I can gather the kids in the park and bring them to you for a special clinic if they are up to it. :lol:
  • JoyJoy Posts: 478

    I wish I was trolling
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    A fire? It's a very real experience, no question about it. I don't really know what to say, because my words will hardly do it justice, but I wish you were trolling and I am sorry.
  • JoyJoy Posts: 478
    And we made lemonade
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Nothing quite as wonderful as a lemonade with a sandwhich afterr practice. I personally like well-made sandwiches when exhaustion steps in. Water with honey is also good.
  • bma_matbma_mat Posts: 11,964
    Jesus rediska... * facepalm*

    Glad you're able to get to training so soon joy. It took my gym like 3 weeks to sort things out after a flood.
    Thanked by 1christiancastleman
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
     A flood? Well, damn... *facepalms*

  • davoudavou Posts: 132
    Sorry to hear that; are you guys able to attend at an affiliate during the downtime? 
  • JoyJoy Posts: 478
    One of our members has access to a warehouse and we have set up some temporary mats in there until the repairs are done at her original facility or we find another place . IMG_0427
  • EndoWhyEndoWhy Posts: 15
    Whoa, you train at ITT! Huge fan of professor Biernacki. Just met him at the Seattle Naga several weeks ago. I've been thinking about visiting. Guess I'll wait till the renovation. Sorry to hear about the fire.
  • JoyJoy Posts: 478
    We have a ghetto jits temporary location, so come visit anytime!!
    Thanked by 1EndoWhy
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