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Want to get back on the mats...

8 years ago I had around 5 months GJJ training and around 4 months training under a 3rd degree BB until I had to stop due to pinched nerve after being slammed and stacked by a much bigger, newer guy than I was. I almost lost strength and feeling on my left arm and can't move my neck without having that pulling and tingling sensation in my chest and arm. Can't afford to lose my job since I was supporting parents and children, so I decided to stop training.

Now I'm free of financial burden but not of the same injury, unless I go under the knife I was told. Chiropractor didn't help. Pain is tolerable so I want to train again. Do you guys have similar injuries that would have kept you from training permanently but decided to go on for the love of BJJ?

Of course I would love to live my old age pain-free and still able, but I really think when I reach that retirement age I'll regret that moment that I stopped training if I didn't resume while I can. Btw, I'm nearing 50 but I think doesn't matter. I live a healthy life and tries to stay fit, though still overweight.

cheers everyone.


  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Get over your self. You are not too old to train. If you have any respect for your training partners, then they probably have the same respect for you. Training without hurting anyone and without being hurt yourself should be your goal. 
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  • DirtyrancherDirtyrancher Posts: 4,493
    rediska said:

    Get over your self. You are not too old to train. If you have any respect for your training partners, then they probably have the same respect for you. Training without hurting anyone and without being hurt yourself should be your goal. 

    Get over yourself, the guy said he didn't think it mattered that he was nearing 50, he's talking about a serious injury.

    Anyway, yes, I had a problem with my neck after being thrown once in wrestling when I was in jr. high (I'm 50 now) and having a bad landing. I remember the whole experience like it was just a few months ago. During the next 10-15 years, I think I've been to the ER or urgent care 2-3 times from having it go nuts and leveling me to the ground while doing nothing next to nothing (turn a door knob for example).

    It really plagued me when I first started training, because I also ended up with lower back problems, and they would go back and forth. I was stubborn, so I would train as soon as I could drive a car again, or whatever, but would be out for weeks at a time.

    Later, I got smarter and started tapping to situations that may make it pop (particularly the arm triangle). Eventually, over the years, it started going away... but usually after long breaks in training, like 6 months plus. But I eventually made it to brown belt, and have competed in adult open weight at all belts (except white because that's when the problem was worst).

    I just tested to see if it would pop the same old way it used to, and it doesn't, so maybe it's been 2-3 years without that pop. I think a couple of recent factors were laying down the cash to buy the exact bed and pillow I needed. That and actually gaining some weight... having some fat on you is a shock absorber. I get hurt less now than ever. But my doc wants me to cut some weight, so gonna do it. 

    So I wouldn't worry about your weight for jiu jitsu's sake, just if you medically need to. And if you have the money, just go, and if you have to sit out a month here and there, just do it. Have it in your head now that that's the case, so it won't bug you so much.
  • BirdmanBirdman Posts: 414
    Lower back, left shoulder/trap muscle problems and fracutred sesamoid bone.

    I just take it easy and and take breaks as needed. Remember jiujitsu is a marathon not a race.

    You should be fine. Just work at your pace and pick your partners wisely.
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  • gjj4lifegjj4life Posts: 303
    I've learned that a jiu jitsu forum is not the place to get real medical advice. Having said that, I will share some! I am not an MD, but I did have an extruded disc injury in my spine at C6-C7 when I was a white belt, which on the surface sounds like where yours is? I ultimately went under the knife and got an ACDF (fusion). Years later I am fine and training with no restrictions. However, there is no way I would be fine had I not gotten the surgery. I was already paralyzed in my left finger and the nerve damage was only progressing. All of that has recovered. TIFWIW and be sensible. You're not a kid and nerve damage is not something to play with. First thing I would do if I were you is get an MRI and a consult with a spine/neuro specialist.
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  • Thank you all, guys. It is really nice to post in this forum like most said, than the other darker grappling website where a lot of douche like to posture up their machismo in their responses instead of helping.
  • stevebuyshousesstevebuyshouses Posts: 5,738
    I am not a doctor but I did stay at a holiday Inn express once.... That said I am 47 and been training for 9 years as of March 2017 and stuff hurts but I haven't had any serious injuries or surgeries in or out of bjj. I do train with a guy that had a couple discs fused and trains heavily and even has had a couple amateur fights.
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  • gjj4lifegjj4life Posts: 303
    Yep it's definitely possible to come back from cervical fusion as was my case (to be clear, it's adjacent vertebrae that get fused, not discs), but you have to get a disc injury looked at and potentially surgically or otherwise repaired before nerve damage progresses too far. Professional athletes and fighters address these injuries that way and there's no reason for a 40s/50s-ish year old jiu jitsu hobbyist to do it any differently.
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