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Something to aspire to

rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
edited February 9 in Jiu Jitsu Discussion

Something to aspire to!


  • Awesome videos!

    I saw the Roy Harris one before, and I love it. I like the part where he says "When you are a Black Belt, and you give a seminar, people will test you and your mindset. Therefore, you need to have a reliable skill set to back it up."

    I don't know why, but that's a motivating speech for some reason.
  • Roy is one of the best...(same master as me too)
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    edited February 20
    Here is some more interesting stuff:  A 5th degree BB test in another style of JJ!
    More stuff!  A 5th degree BB test in another style of JJ! Includes a 1 vs 2 free spar!

    Here is something that is both cool, beautiful and deadly: black sash kungfu demo!

    Here  is a bit just for laughs!
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Saw this online. Check out the guy in the pink kurtka! Pure awesome.
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    My bro sent me this: I don't really know what to think. But I suppose it's interesting.

  • bma_matbma_mat Posts: 11,964
    Rediska, our new troll is out doing you. Pick up the pace or you'll become irrelevant to us.
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Bma_mat, this "troll" is my former coach. You have to forgive him his personality quirks. He is 13-0 in MMA and is just plain funny. We have had some rough times, but now he is making up for it.
  • regaldeagleregaldeagle Posts: 290
    Rediska, go away. Literally Noone here appreciates your trolling. To do this on Joy's post about her gym further indicates you are only here to insult and derail, not actually be a part of the community or care about it.
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    edited March 10
    You are wrong about me. If I didn't care about certain people, I wouldn't have come here in the first place.

    Waaaaiittt... I think my mind is playing tricks on me again. I hate it when that happens. How is what I am thinking possible?!
    Go apologize to Stacey for me.
  • regaldeagleregaldeagle Posts: 290 are a loon.
  • rediskarediska Posts: 1,265
    Nope, this is definitely it. Well, I'm sorry, I didn't know.
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