What does "oss" mean?
  • treoptika333
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    And why do people keep saying it?
  • mofo
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    And why do people keep saying it?

    From a post (my welcome to the forum post from him) from slideyfoot...

    Welcome! Mainly I just wanted to post this, which I tend to do when I see someone say 'oss/osu'. :wink:


  • JudoP
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    I think it is spelt osu and if from karate, its like a general greeting/show of respect/exclamation/whatever as far as I know.

    http://www.24fightingchickens.com/2005/ ... ge-of-osu/

  • kensei
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    I have written and article on this for a few web sites. Ous or Oss is the shortended version of "I will endevour" in Japanese or "I will Push to excel" it comes from two words Oshi (pronounced Oshh) and Kashutsu or to exel. Said together its "I will push/endevour to excel". This came from Master Kanazawa. Its an old Japanese Navy tradition that the Japanese learned from the British Navy. The Budoka (martial artists) adopted this habit.

  • blitzcraig
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    I'd just sort of assumed it was like "hooah" in the Army, best defined as anything except NO.

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