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I have been searching and cannot seem to find the weight classes to compete. If someone can be kind to post a link were I can find this information, I would me grateful. Thank you.

Oh 1 more thing, I don't know if my age matters as far as weight class is concerned but I am 42. Thanks again.

Posted : 10/02/2010 3:59 pm
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US Grappling uses the no-gi weight classes for our tournaments:

Age does not matter in either organization (as long as you're 18 or older).

Posted : 10/02/2010 4:13 pm
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They have age groups for IBJJF tournaments, and most other tournaments. If you are a white or blue belt, you'll likely have someone at your age and weight. If you are a higher belt, then you will likely have someone to compete against if you are middle-heavyweight. Just look at the registration for the current tournament that is coming up, it will show the age classes.

If you are going to compete, sign up early, that way others will see that there is someone to compete against at your age/weight and will be more likely to sign up, as a lot of people wait before paying. If noone is at your weight on the last day to make changes (like if you are a featherweight purple belt), then drop to the next age class down, or go up a weight at your age (note, from my experience, you'll be more competitive sticking to your age class and going up a weight).

The general rule of thumb is that adult groups are 18-29 or so, then masters 30-39, then seniors or whatever they want to call the old guys are 40+. At the IBJJF tournaments, when you are older they have separate old guy divisions that start going by 5 years a pop.

I'm about the same age as you, and just like getting out there, so I'll go in with the masters or adults if there aren't guys my age, I'm also a middle level belt, so there's not a lot of older guys out there, ie. last tournament I went to I was put in an absolute at the adult level. With BJJ more popular now, you should have someone to fight at blue and white belt levels at most tournaments.

You can check the results lists at IBJJF to get a feel for how many guys will be at your weight and age. Note again, since I do a lot of these, I have, and I've seen a lot of others that drop down age groups when they don't see anyone on the athlete's list for their age and weight, so if you sign up early, you're more likely to have and build an age/weight class, as the more that sign up in advance, the more other guys will join in.

Also note, that at a lot of non-IBJJF tournaments, if there is no one at your age/weight, they'll put you in another bracket, usually dropping you down in age. Sometimes they'll call you to the main desk to ask you what bracket you want to be in - up a weight, or down in age. IBJJF tournaments though won't change you, they do this because they have the brackets up early, so that the tournament runs on time. So you need to pay attention to your bracket on-line if no one is in your weight, but wait until the last day to change, as there is a little delay in updating the brackets on-line.

It's no big deal fighting down an age group or up a weight either, it's good experience, and you might get to fight someone with a big name if you go all the way down to adult, lol.

Posted : 10/02/2010 4:38 pm


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