Moving to auckland, gym question  

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Hi guys, have moved to Auckland City for a short time, work related.

I have like less than a year of grappling from Malaysia. Have googled some affordable but good gyms around the area where im staying (Blockhouse Bay), and there are 2 gyms that are close and affordable. One is Steve Oliver's (around west) and Auckland BJJ (central).
Has anyone trained in these schools and how's the atmosphere like? I'm particularly interested at Auckland BJJ because they charge 33% less than the other and they have a structure based on their website. Although both schools are taught by legit BBs, one or 2 visit won't say much about the atmosphere (smashing newbies, douches, etc..) but the students who trained there that are members here might be able to help? If you don't want to post, just pm me please. I don't have a car and I might bike to train, money is tight so any savings is good.
Thank again.
Posted : 17/03/2017 2:27 am
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Like most of us advise on anyone trying particular gyms, go to both for the introductory class offers and see which one you like. If money and or schedule is paramount then you can start to decide based on those two after your first two visits.

Posted : 17/03/2017 6:11 pm


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