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Jiu Jitsu Discussion

Anything and everything jiu jitsu. Techniques, learning jiu jitsu, noob questions, etc

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How to defend the de le Riva g...



Welcome to the forums. Intoduce yourself. Tell us about your rank, school, years of training, favorite moves, why you started jiu jitsu, how it has affected your life.

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First bjj class


Health Forum

Diet, Nutrition, Conditioning, Fitness, Supplements, Equipment

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Toes breaking more than is nor...

The lockeroom

Off topic stuff. NO PORN or nudity!

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Activity here way less?

MMA Talk

Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Discuss the fighters, matches, results, etc.

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Bellator MMA World Grand Prix ...


Street fight analysis

Post street fight videos for analysis. Discus what you would do in a self defense scenario.

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BJJ Brown Belt attacked on the...


Jiu Jitsu Tournaments, Seminars, Events

Announcements for jiu jitsu tournaments, seminars, etc

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Shooting photography at Revolu...




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