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New speed upgrade

Added a new object cache to the website.  This drastically lowers the load on the database and speeds everything up.  As always, will be looking for side effects.  Please contact me if you see any strange new behavior.

SSL has been enabled

Just a quick update.  JJF now runs fully encrypted. SSL had been enabled. Please report any side effects to Jack Jitsu or email jack @ jiu jitsu forums dot com

Latest Technique Videos

Bow and Arrow choke with Marcus Almeida

Marcus Almeida teaches the bow and arrow from the back

Keenan teaches the Darce

Darce from an arm drag with Keenan Cornelius

Paper cutter with Alpha BJJ

One of the fundamental attacks from side control that we covered recently. The paper cutter choke is an invaluable tactic to have at your disposal from this dominate position and can be achieved from several set ups.


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